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Monday, April 2, 2012

Your Highness.

So, we meet again your highness, this time not in the confinement with another, but the back-alley of the building I most hate. You're still the same but the thought of you gives me a headache and makes me apprehensive, your highness. We weren't supposed to meet yet, no there was some time for that I thought, but I guess I couldn't wait. And meeting you was so soothing. It was like being transported to a different era, with flashbacks being the perfect memories and not heart-wrenching accidents.

Once we met, you left me a little dizzy, as always. This time, I didn't have someone to hold and my bed was miles away. But I reached it just fine, your highness. You left me a little thirsty, a little dazed and a little unsteady but the headache/heartache reduced, the pain died and closing my eyes carried me back to my safe place.

There is music playing and I can seem to hear every note of every song, but nothing hurts. It's a soulful amalgamation, which echoes of untold and unfinished stories. This time I'm not sharing a pillow with someone but looking across the mirror when I talk. I used to talk to my reflection a lot as a kid.. make faces, and imagine entire conversations with it. This reflection has stayed faithful and smiles at me still.

Thankyou, your high-ness. We'll meet again in a while, and a little while after and sometime after that too.
#Who says I can't be free.. from all of the things I used to be?


  1. perfect ending. you can always be free of what you used to be. :)

    1. Or you can pretend to be until your brain accepts it.

  2. Yes,your highness,that was perfect!