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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Hero.

Of Daddys & Little girls.

You've been my strength. You've been my pillar. You've been my all. 
But now that it's time to fly alone. My question is, will you still catch me if I fall?

There's something sacred about you, something that makes me worship you like I do. If I were to name the things that I thought I didn't like about you, I could fill a few pages, but the fact is, I grew up and realized that I love you just the same, if not more, because of these very things and traits.

I remember this day long back, when we had guests over at our house. I think I was barely three but this memory is crystal clear in my mind even today. I was never one for subdued behaviour and when the time to drop the guests, came, I was the first in line skipping and hopping to the gate happily. I remember the song I was bellowing at my highest pitch also. I remember you called out to me, to be careful but I threw all caution to the wind.

I remember reaching the gate, and the time being a little past midnight, it was pitch dark. As I approached the gate, they shone out to me. Those bright red eyes. And my last memory is screaming "Papa, SHERRR!" (Dad, LIONNN!) at the top of my lungs before hiding behind my eyes behind my hands and awaiting y fate.

I don't know how you did it but you covered that huge distance of almost a mile, in a matter of milliseconds or lesser. Because when I shuddered and fell, your arms caught me. You hugged me tight and then helped me open my eyes and see how it was just a wild tomcat and no lion at all. What's more, you helped me keep him as a pet till I didn't lose all fear of him and he learnt to respond to all my commands.

Things haven't changed much still. You've helped me battle all my fears, all these years and continue to do so. You try and warn me about people and things, but I never listen and you're always there to help me rectify my screw-ups. For this more than anything, I am grateful. Thank you for helping not just me, but my friends, and friends' of my friends when they needed you; for teaching me the difference between what is right and what is popular; for explaining to me the importance of knowledge and most of all for still standing by me when I didn't follow any of the aforementioned advice.

I don't know why I worried
About the times when I might fall,
Because you've been here all along, my safety net,
You're the reason I still stand tall.

I don't need a birthday to tell you what you mean to me, but I'll tell you anyway.
I love you Papa. You're my hero, for life. The one man I'll always compare guys to and the one because of whom they'll always fall short.
Happy Birthday. 


  1. Thakns beta for writing all this but what I feel this and all that what I did was duty and to do the duty every one is being paid except for bonded labours.
    I was being paid in advance by you. I still remember your first smile and all small small things and the joy which I derived from those was and is priceless.
    Do great in your life I will be with you till my last breath.

    1. No Papa.. You did much more than 'just' your duty. And I will be eternally grateful. I hope you are with me till my last breath because a world without you, will crumble right down.