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Friday, April 20, 2012

You took so much. So much that I'll never be whole again. But why water? I loved it since I was two. My reflection I gave, my smile, so much I just gave up without question; I grew to detest; but why take the one thing that was mine forever? Why taint it? Why leave so many scars that no amount of water can drown. I can't stay away for it tempts me, too much so. And once inside, all I see is you. No matter how much I swim, your smirk is there.. Every single time. (Barring two) That I cannot submerge with any amount of fluid.

Everything blurs with time they say. Heals. Well, they lie. Because nothing has blurred and nothing has healed. And it won't. Not till I drown you in this very water with my bare hands. And as you gasp, and beg and plead, I'll be the one smirking. That smirk is what will stay in your mind as your last living memory.

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