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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The clouds are fine.

Sunshine is over rated. Who wants warmth when I can be cold instead? Cold, down to my gut. The sun's hidden behind the clouds, and it'll be that way for a long time now but I don't need it. I wanted it, sure. But it's too temperamental and pricey. The clouds bring a respite. From all these burns. Under the hazy skies, I can dissolve all those lies. With a beer in my hand, you don't stand a chance. My senses are numbed and who wants clarity anymore? It was good while it lasted. But why feel emotions that pull you down? That make you weak. The time for that has passed. Letting go, yes, letting go of this sun now. And who knows? Underneath all these clouds, rain might soon be following. Time to get drenched now. It's green all around. New saplings are blooming, maybe it's time I did too.

#Open my eyes for a different view, and nothing else matters.


  1. LOVED it! Yes,we don't want the sun. It's too temperamental. Clouds will do just fine. And when I've my eyes shut,who cares how bright it is?

    1. Totally.
      But wait, didn't you find this melodramatic earlier? :S