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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I worry.

The time comes when you stop hurting. When your tears just, dry up. You learn to hold them in and accept how fate has dealt out your cards. You become numb somewhat to the sensations and surroundings. You give up and realize how little control you have over your own life. You come around and let people accept the version of you that they want to, when you let them take the easy way out. You gaze into nothing and find nothing look back at you and then mock your own convictions. You let a part of you die, one gradual breath at a time and do nothing to stop it. You stop looking for answers because there aren't any. You stop believing because there's nothing left to believe in anymore.You stop feeling because all you feel is sorry for yourself and that is certainly not an emotion you want nagging at your insides constantly. You don't relate to music or rhythms or symphonies. You stop hoping for a better future. And you cease to dream, completely.

The time comes when you just stop hurting.
Well, it hasn't come yet.

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