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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Scientist's Night - Part I

Her boyfriend and she were in the middle of an argument again. He wouldn't tell her what was wrong. He kept saying, "later" and she didn't know when that would come. She asked him, "what should I wear for tonight?" and he was non-committal at first. He changed his mind soon enough, "wear a skirt. Hot you'll look."

As the girls around her took hours to dress, changing from one something to another, she kept looking at the clock. Her boyfriend didn't like to be late and there were people waiting. It took her time to let the people around her slip into a skirt for they didn't like the idea. Finally after a lot of knocking and almost barge, they were done. He didn't step back and say what she wanted him to. Instead she got a, "You'll wear THIS?"
"You wanted me to wear a skirt.."
"It's bloody short. Okay whatever."

She wasn't used to anyone yelling at her but she bit back the retort in the room full of people. It was anger talking. She'd known him for years, he was just worked up. As they walked out of his handmade twin's house, she found herself walking with a girl who was his closest friend in the weird city, and her boy. On their way, she tried to explain to him how it wasn't her fault - how she'd been the first to get ready.

They reached the club, which they didn't get entry to. All his friends were inside, waiting but the boys on this side of the door looked too young to make it in. That just infuriated him further. But by now she was done explaining. She found a brick to sit on, facing the strange boy with the sleeve and her boyfriend's aforementioned twin. She asked him for a light as she took out a cigarette and realized her lighter was out of fluid. He seemed mildly intrigued by her cigarette case. Him and the rest of the world. A line or two were exchanged about Che, and her skirt and soon she was back to having just a cigarette for company.

They didn't make it in eventually. She finally decided to tell someone who looked like he might listen, to just chuck the damn club, buy booze and make it a house party instead. Miraculously, he did listen. Too many people climbed into a friend's car and made their way back. She ignored her boyfriend despite sitting in his lap. Silence seemed to be the ringing in her ears as she counted hours till she could be in the city she called home.


The house party was a massive fail in the making. With an alcohol she had never heard of before having been bought and a long playlist of Hip-hop being played, she decided the only way to make it through would be to get drunk. She poured herself a large of Old Cask, mixed it with minimal amounts of Coke and placed herself on the corner of the bed.

Somewhere in the background an argument sprang up. Usually, there would've been nothing in the room to have caught her attention but these two guys happened to be ripping each other's throats out over her second most favourite subject in the world to football, Music. The clear winner was the strange boy, with the sleeve and permanent cigarette in his hand though the pseudo drummer did try to put up a fight. As she got herself another drink, the lights were dimmed and her corner was not secluded anymore.. the strange boy had sat there too.


Conversation struck up from nowhere and they found their first common ground, hatred for the one organization all these lunatics were associated with: aiesec. What they didn't know was that it was only the first of many, many more to follow almost instantaneously.
"I honestly didn't think I'd find anyone in this room I could talk to you know."
"Trust me, I've been to a lot of these things and my expectations were below zero as far as that is concerned."

It was not as all out of place, when he took the glass from her hand as it emptied and poured her drink then on. Well, at least I'm not being anti-social for a change, he grinned to himself. She was talkative and kept chatting incessantly, pausing only for breath and places where he'd complete her sentences. So much life, what was she doing here? He almost didn't mind the shit these people played in the background in name of music, for it was her words that held his attention almost single-handedly. 

She looked around and saw everyone standing up in a line. The puzzled expression on her face was answered by one of them saying, "Guys, guys, JIIIVE" and the beats to a soundtrack called 'Bounce Billo' popped up with about ten fully grown guys and girls dancing to it with the exact same steps and moves. All they had to do was exchange a glance and they burst into laughter.
"Oh my good god. And I didn't think this night could get any better."
"Just you wait, they've barely begun."
"Is this what people call dance these days?"
"I don't understand the whole concept of dance anyway."
"Let them finish their shit. I'll show you."
"I don't dance."
"I'll teach you."
"I don't think I even want to say no to that."


She got up and tried to tear apart her boyfriend from the laptop but he wouldn't budge. She asked someone to change the music but they wouldn't listen. She found herself dancing alone. After a while she noticed her new friend was moving clumsily around her somewhere and so she said to his girl, "I'm stealing your boyfriend for a dance" as she pulled him to her. She tried to lead him to a dance, but the songs didn't let her and eventually he broke that attempt, "You call this music?"
"I don't. They do."

Argh. These dimwits were killing their moment. What did it take to play one decent song? Just one? He took the red laptop and searched for the one song that he wanted to play her. He paused for a minute though, he wasn't sure about her taste either, "You like Coldplay?" He saw her roll her eyes as she said, "do you even have to ask?"


As she heard the very first beats of the song he played her, she found herself at a complete loss of words. Was his first song to her, the song that was her absolute favourite since day five years before when she heard it first? Was she actually having someone play it for her besides her best friend? How did he know that this was the one track she had secretly always yearned for? She and her best friend used to get drunk and sing this song to each other, all her playlists had it marked it as favourite and never did she listen to this track without the hint of a tear in her eye.

The music flooded over them and he saw an almost gasp escape her lips as she realized the track he had played. "So, can I have this dance?" he asked her. He needn't have for she took the hand he'd held out and didn't speak a word, just nodded until she was close enough to tell him, just him, "Hell. Yes."

He pulled her closer as she whispered those two words to him. She had been swept off her feet, for the first time in her life. She didn't notice when he placed his arms around her waist and pulled her closer still; didn't realize when he removed the hair from her face; didn't even realize when he leaned in close enough for her to be only able to inhale him in her every breath.

He couldn't quite place the expression on her face but she seemed.. overwhelmed.She was moving so gracefully still that he couldn't help but want to hold her, pull her, erase any distance between them whatsoever. As he looked at her, he realized how utterly unaware she was of everything but him. He saw people walk out and disappear into nothing, leaving just the two of them alone in that room as he lightly pushed back the hair in her eye.

She didn't look around, didn't break the trance she seemed to be in. They were moving in perfect sync and as he leaned in closer still, it was to leave her even more spellbound as he whispered the lyrics to her, in her ear. His voice was like a summer dream.. It was like she had been drowning for he seemed like a breath of fresh air.. Every note that played seemed to have been re-written for her and she couldn't believe the smile she saw forming on her face for the first time in a year to this song.

He felt her step on his toes like a little girl. He might've complained if it was someone else, some other time but right then it felt just right. Her in his arms. He liked how she felt there.. How she moved.. How her hair smelled when he took a whiff. It was a perfect mistletoe moment but she rested her head on his shoulder instead. And for the first time, he didn't want to break that slow waltz, not even if that meant getting more of her.

As she heard the five minutes and three seconds of pure brilliance come to an end, she could feel the million butterflies in her stomach wanting to explode as she came rushing back to reality. She looked around and found the room empty. Where had everyone gone she wondered. She took a step back, and there he was with that perfect smile...

He knew the song was ending and he wanted it to last a little longer, somehow, anyhow. He didn't want them to break apart just yet but they did, and as he felt her take a step back, he didn't remove his hands, just stood there holding her gently yet with no intention of letting her go, looking at her he couldn't help himself as a tiny 'fuck' escaped his mouth...

She stepped away. His eyes were sending her in a frenzy and not one she could handle for too long, she didn't trust herself, not in this moment. His grip was light yet firm but he didn't stop her as she stepped further away and made her way to the first thing she spotted - a brown bean bag.

As she moved away, he felt a certain pull towards her that he couldn't explain. He didn't care as to what happened next, all he knew was that he had found someone he'd remember for a long time to come. He made his way to the brown bean bag, which he shared with her as he put his arm around her.


It was another song by Martin that found them both humming together..
"If you love me... Won't you let me know?"


If you love me... Won't you let me know?

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