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Friday, April 6, 2012

Blind faith.

I was never lucky in cards. My mother would console me saying, "unlucky in cards, lucky in love."
How ironic that phrase seems tonight. I can almost hear the shadows around me laugh. They point fingers and gesture. Mock and scoff. They were right, they gloat, the monsters in my head and in my walls.

I stay calm and wait. The name in my phone is still 'Soulmate :D' and I wait for the name to act like it. I was never weak, and I tell myself repeatedly today to not let myself falter; to not let this world and these circumstances shake my belief. I played the hand regardless of the stakes. And I placed all my bets on you. It's all upto fate now. Fate & You.

My faith makes me believe that a hand that I bet on you will never go in vain. We promised each other the day would never come when this would feel futile. So I'll play till my last breath, I'll play till I can stand - and I'll play them all for you. That's called blind faith. That's called trust. And that more than anything, is love. I have been lucky in love. For I was loved by you. The cards ? Well.. That remains to be seen.


  1. Faith IS blind. Period. That's why I'm so cynical.

    1. Any chance you want to take a trip to Rajasthan this summer? I think we really should meet.