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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Butterfly Effect.

"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway  around the world."
-Chaos Theory

We all talk about having our lives different, about getting one more shot to play it all out so that this time we get it right. Most of us however wouldn't get it right the second time either, or the third, as this movie today told me. There are so many alternatives and possibilities that somewhere along the road, we'd screw up all over again and wish for another chance.

However if I had the butterfly which would help me re-write my destiny, I know the exact memory I would change. That precise day which would change my life forever. I wouldn't need another shot after that, just that one.

I have that memory written somewhere in elaborate detail too but reading it doesn't transport me back to that time. That one day in my playschool. I've read it countless times in the past hour but that doesn't let me change how my life played out. But if, if only we could get that opportunity, to be everything we ever wanted, you think we'd be able to grab it? Or would we let it slip.. Pass us by?

But this is life and not a scientific fiction, and as much as I'd want it to be the latter where I get another shot, this is all I've got - this is all we've got. So you live with the choices you make forever and these choices determine how it all shapes up. You can only alter the future, not the past, never the past but if you could, what is that one memory you would change? That one moment which would help you have it all back?

Do you ever wonder about it? Do you know yours? Because, I know mine. I guess I should be grateful for that level of clarity. But that doesn't really make this any easier. That makes the desperation a notch higher, to set it right - to atleast try to set it right and wake up in that alternate reality that I imagine.

And I'll chase it, that parallel world of my existence, that butterfly, that effect, that power. No matter how perilous the search or alien the power, I will hunt it down. But since I run short of breath fast and can't see too well in the dark.. Anyone up for an insane run beside me? Anyone up for a light? 


  1. Take me along,Miranda. We,together will feel the fantastic purple horrors never felt before.