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Sunday, March 25, 2012

MM - Last.

"Her teeth were green, my nails were black."

She was envious, of everything and everyone that got to see me, touch me, be with me. She was jealous of those who were an inch away when she was half a world apart. It didn't matter that I'd cross those oceans for her because they existed, between us. They separated us. She got angrier as the months passed, until she became someone I no longer recognized. I didn't understand her moods anymore or her whims, but she said she loved me. Everyday. Even days when I didn't want to hear it. I guess she needed to say it aloud.. Needed to hear me say it. And so I did. Even when I didn't mean it.

I liked pacing but I'd place myself in a room full of smoke for hours now, instead. She was digits away but pressing them was never a thought. She was clicks away but the clicks weren't what changed me, the away was. She was never there. I got how she couldn't be, but that didn't help the fact that I wanted her around. She should've been around when my back was killing me and I needed to feel her fingers on it. She should've been around when I mistook those lips for hers on our night. She should've been around when her face started becoming a blur in my head and those memories - an echo from a distant lifetime.

The red haze of our love exists still, somewhere deep down. It's just difficult to reach and painted in different shades now.
Hers is green. Mine is black.


  1. Oho,beautiful! Beautiful! A true farewell it is! Love.

    1. Kisses*
      It ended too soon! Where are we meeting in April?