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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Followers.

Hello guys,

So I am a sucky sort of a blogger who never really appreciates you or thanks you for your time and kind words. I am also a very demanding person. Hence I am informing you of my new baby blog that me and my friend started together, Lens-i-fied and *demanding* that you give it a look :P
The whole concept is that she clicks a picture and sends me, then I write about whatever that picture brings to my mind. If she feels it did her picture justice, she hits publish post. The she here is a very important person to me - Payal Bhansali - the reason and inspiration behind a lot of posts.

So, you can check out our blog at,
It'd be nice if you could follow us there.

Hope to see you.
Your ever demanding pessimist,

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