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Monday, March 12, 2012

Boys & Lies.

"Never underestimate a girl's power to find out things."

Why? Why would you feel the need to lie to me? See, this is what bugs me. I can take anything in this world except lies but somehow boys are synonymous with the very word. It's their way of life.

All the bull you've been feeding me all this while, all my affection and guilt has been based on this. But you wouldn't even agree to that. Half truths then? They're lies too my friend.

Which part of the phrase, don't-ever-lie-to-me do you not understand? Should I repeat myself slowly since your comprehension power is nil and you're actually that slow?

You know the best bit. I'm not even going to ask you anything anymore. Because I'm not in a mood to cite my sources. If you are to own up, you will. And if not, then well too bad. I've been honest since the first day till the last and if I'm not worth the truth then I'm done here. Once and for all.

All these things we were supposed to do, all these things you have to tell me - I don't want to do or listen to anymore. I've heard enough. Fallen for all of it too actually because beneath all the bullshit, I always thought you're a decent person who cares. Because I happen to care! Yes, the silly me who believes the best in everyone. But guess what? I don't need this right now. Your fake attempt at redemption or whatever the hell it is, spare me please. I've seen enough.
I was there through all the shit we've been through. I faced it - all of it - alone. And it's alright that you turned your back on me, but it is not okay to make a mockery of my name or my love. That I will just not tolerate.

I am so glad now to have not sent you all those letters that sit here on my desk marked unsent. You are truly not worth my words anymore. You reek of insincerity now on and I'm not sure which is worse, having known the better you or not knowing if that was true or a farce altogether.

But I guess now I don't have to bother finding out. Let's stop the pretence. At normalcy. Wow that feels nice.. Saying it aloud. It feels even better knowing that for once, I'm not going to be answerable for the void that's soon to follow. And I mean it. I'm even done trying to be friends. Until you're ready to come clean.. This is me saying : Let's end it all. My parting words?
Thanks for all the fish.


  1. Don't ever lose the "silly me who believes the best in everyone"! I was looking at blogs on blogger and came across yours. You have a lot of talent! Care if I follow your blog? You can follow mine as well? I look forward to reading more of your work!

    1. I'd love it if you did.
      And sure thing, I'm on it.