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Friday, March 30, 2012

4x03: The last time.

I fought so much but now I'm tired. You never fought for me. I was the little one and you were supposed to shield me from this world full of pain and misery. Who thought you'd be the one I needed to hide from? That your hands would be the ones to choke me eventually. That you'd kill the little girl forever.

And now your name's gone too. It used to be on my homescreen you know. If you texted, it'd flash a different colour, and I'd know. You kept your promise. Just this one. I'm not someone worth knowing. You deleted me with ease. So now you're unreachable. In the true sense of the word. Gone. Long gone.

I'll admit, I like to live life in a grey area. But what I feel about you is crystal clear. My only solace for life will be that you were the one who left. You were just like everyone else. I made you out to be something larger than life. It's not like I can't live without you, I just didn't want to. But that's not an option you left me with.

You broke me. Again. Even in your goodbye, you didn't have to be so ruthlessly cold and hard. You could've stayed, around. In the corner of my eye. I'd promised myself, I'd stay strong this time but you took away the strength. Again. You slapped me, and this one really hurt. But my wasted heart will still love you forever.

#I can't pick up the quill anymore, I've set it down on us. 


  1. Girl,you're getting melodramatic! Thank God you're not that mellow yet! "Punch your guts! Be proud of your warts!"

    1. Heartbreaks and breakup makes me all knotted up inside. Blame the Ex, fuck I can't believe he's that now, not me.