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Sunday, March 4, 2012

"True blue or too blue."

It's funny but just yesterday me and my friend were talking about colour psychology. You know the one where you discuss what colour represents what to you? If I could pick one colour in this world to describe me, I wouldn't take more than a second.. It's red. Always has been. Passion, fire, rage.. It's representative of so much. But it's just my colour you know for all of this and for none of it, at all. It's just me, always has been since I was three years old and could tell one colour from the other. I've been in Team Red all my life and no, I wasn't the one to put up red bulbs in my room to appear what is called, a rebel these days, they were there for that colour speaks volumes to me. You close your eyes in a bright room and red is what you see.

But her colour she says, is blue now. I'm taken aback for her colour in my head is yellow, for sunshine or white maybe, for peace though I prefer the former. Life however makes you experience colours in varied degrees and forms and so as she steps out in this heat, she's not her vibrant self, she's hiding behind those shades. "It's too hot", she complains. "When will this summer end?"
I know what she's asking but I have not the heart to give her a true answer for it's not going to give her any solace whatsoever. But I try anyway for I want her to brace herself for the heat strokes still to hit, all of us, in our face. When we talk of her new colour, she doesn't seem to have picked it for reasons I would have, but for it signifies numbness. She's too blue. Even a shot of red doesn't seem to bring back her sensations which have been numbed by an ocean of cold. Then why is she complaining of this weather? It'll warm her right up. It's hers afterall. "Nothing's mine anymore", she silences me. And I accept it, the resolve, her and even her version of blue

But blue is a serene colour you know. For the vast and never-ending sky which symbolizes opportunities; for the calm that precedes a storm, when everything is but perfect and unaware of what is to follow; but mostly for water, my favourite element in the world which can drown out everything and everyone. For true blue for me is my love, my sea, the one with the absolute and exclusive power to submerge even the red, and too blue - well let's not go there shall we? Everytime I close my eyes underwater, those tiny lights shining in the dark help me see the red, which is me, in all that haze of blue, which is you. You never wash over my fire even with that immense capacity to. You let me shine in the dark. And when I'm not looking, you draw from my light too for your love for red matches mine, almost.

But when will it end she worried. When you let my blue wash over yours. This summer will end with my rain. And as you look to the sky, which shows not the hint of a cloud, don't lose hope for I'm on my way. I will rain over you. I will wash it all away. Believe in what you question me? The rain my friend, the all-encompassing rain. It's on it's way. It's coming. Just you wait.


  1. Numbness. That's exactly what comes to my mind every time I think blue. Let's not talk about the rain as of now because it has not-so-pretty effects on me,always,ever since I was born. My inspiration couldn't be better timed,huh? And to think I was never good with my timing?;-)
    Thank you for participating and making me feel included in such a thoughtful piece. I love you. Period.

  2. Ey, I'm sure you drenched would be a pretty sight. It'd be a happy one for sure. Just drop your umbrella and take a step in the formidable rain.. It might surprise you :)
    And heh, everyone around me has timing. You've been touched by superwoman my friend (That sound more like the girl on a nicotine overdose? :P).
    Lots of love from me to you also.