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Friday, February 10, 2012


 You're the sea. And it's been raining an awful lot lately. Ever since that night, it's like this universe's way of helping me reach you. It's like they want this place to fill up with water and surround me completely. Submerge me. And in moments when I feel it on my skin, I do touch you. Or so I like to believe. But I'm scared to plunge into it now. Not sure if I want to go beneath the surface. For the ugly fish are lurking, waiting to eat me up. But right at the edge, at the surface of it, they can't reach. I only feel you. And so I let it wash over me, this rain that falls every day until I won't be scared anymore. Because I cannot be scared of you. I cannot be scared of drowning in this water. For in the end, is the beginning that awaits us all.


  1. Believe it or not,I LITERALLY got goosebumps while reading this! I've always shared a love-hate relationship with rain and water,in general.I was comfortable feeling my pain through them.I wrote a similar spirited(but less brilliant)piece almost a year ago,when I had started my blog.It's been a year but even today,reading your post made me so emotional!This picture is my favorite Fantabulous February inspiration till now.

  2. God, you flatter me. Can I please get a link to what you wrote? Would love to read as well. And Fantabulous February has kinda helped me fight the February blues. SO yay to Kanika for this endevour!