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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm the colour that painted your sky, and no matter what shade it turns now, my vibrance will not fade. The deep crystals that were my body will remain etched on your skin long after I'm gone. I'm the ink that wrote on the pages that were you, and there maybe many more chapters to unfold but my mark remains mine alone and that will not merge with the rest. I may melt into nothingness for my sun's gone, and soon, but I'll fuse into you, a little more each day until there's nothing left but one entity. No shadows or reflections anymore that can break apart, but one soul. I fade easy.. but this, my love, won't fade or change. I'm not the one in denial here, for though you see every atom of me as uneasy and flickering and weakening, I'm not.. I'm just dying. One slow breath at a time as I take it all in, frame every moment, slowly and carefully for it's all tangible right now - I'm tangible. The body's giving up, at an appallingly fast rate for it can't rest anymore, but for the greater good. And once it's all over, this transition from us to me to nothing, I'll be with you again, my sea. In the depths of nothingness, in the fields of snow, in that paradise that awaits me, I'll come to you. Be with you. Don't look for me anywhere.. I'm dissolving into this universe (which brought us together) as we drift.. And I'll be everywhere.

Nothing is strong enough to stop me, not even you. Whether you know it or not, I'm with you, in you.
Close your eyes, for I've closed mine. It's time to live in dreams baby.

"Tum ko paa hi liya..
Paa hi liya..
Maine yun..
Tu jaane ya..
Main jaanu yeh..
Saath main tere hun.."


  1. That was sheer beauty!So glad such inspiring writers are part of the amazing Fantabulous February!Following you right up.

  2. Thank you so much.
    You write too? Link please?