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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leap Year.

It's shaking. My head, and my existence. I'm on a never ending train to nowhere and somehow no matter what stop I get down at, only strangers greet me. I know them, I used to know them - their faces seem familiar. Or maybe it's just the faint outlines of people who once pretended to love and care. Then they all dissolved into one large blob of black.

It's moving forward but I seem to be going backwards. I seem to be reliving everything I tried so hard to forget but it's true what they say, you can't run from your past, it always has a way of catching up with you. And so as I scan these faces, I look for the ones that brought me warmth and comfort. Or smiles. Somehow this station has neither.

So I'm still on this train to nowhere and nothing, trying to find a purpose or just something, anything at all to believe in. If the world was to end in 2012, it'd be a shame for there is much yet to be discovered. Life, however, has never seemed more meaningless and futile. 


  1. 1. World is not gonna end in 2012.(unless ofcourse if WW3 starts)

    2. Get down at some station for a while and roam around. You never know, it may be your destination.

  2. OMG! Did you just say that?
    "you can't run from your past, it always has a way of catching up with you. "
    That's what I've been mumbling to myself half of the time for the past twenty one years! What do I call you,soul sister? LIVE.

  3. Heh. Seriously?
    Naice that you found me then ;)