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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last wish.

And if death has to come, I hope it doesn't come too soon,
For I have a lot left to say and a lot more, still to do.
When it does, I hope it gives me time enough to walk till your door,
Knock once and then lie beside you on the cold floor.

If death has to come, I intend to have lived by then,
Danced, read, laughed, and giggled with friends.
Loved a few, lost too many,
But always believed in destiny.

And I won't be afraid when death does come,
Because it will finally bring me the chance to become;
The free bird of the blue sky I always wanted to be,
Yes, that's when I'll learn to fly and set myself free.

For when it comes, death, I won't resist or fight,
Just lie in your lap and wait for you to recreate and ignite,
That spark, that love, that feel of your kiss,
And looking in those eyes, I'll forever kiss those lips.

So I'll accept death, as long as your touch I feel,
Upon my skin and existence, one last time as I kneel.
Because if death is how it all ends, I shall be calm,
For what better way to meet my end, than in your arms?

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