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Thursday, February 3, 2011

This one's for you, Major.

In militant attires,
and army shoes,
you left your world behind,
in teary mothers,
and proud fathers,
you left the nation far back.

You started out slow,
but you made it through,
through dark nights,
and darker days.

You kept it low,
the anxiety, the hunger, the thirst,
the fear
of losing and;
of things you'd already lost.

The stars dissolved.
The sun refused to shine.
But we saw you smile radiantly,
as you marched;
not a step went amiss.

You mourned the loss of another comrade,
mourning like he were family,
weeping tears of blood
and swearing for his family,

As you loaded your guns,
as you rode in those tanks,
as you flew in those planes,
I looked up and whispered a thank you;
and I know that you heard.

In those barracks,
you were never alone.
When the bullets were fired,
I was saying a prayer.
and I know god heard.

I salute you for what you aspired,
something selfless and noble and strong,
And no matter what the future holds for you,
We'll have you in our hearts forever;
Because that my friend, is where you belong.

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