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Monday, February 28, 2011

I love you, OKAY.

"So the lover must struggle for words."

I'm struggling. I'm staggering. I'm lost. I'm so fucking lost without you in my day. I'm lost without you in my life. Go ahead, grin. I can't stay mad at you. Not even if I use every ounce of my energy and channelize it into being pissed, I look at your damn picture and it has to make me smile. UGH. I don't mean shit man. I can feel whatever I want but you'll say one sweet thing to me, one teeny-tiny thing and I'll melt like ice. I will dissolve into the warmth that you radiate towards me. Love was truly made for fools like me! If love is blind, if love's a drug, if love's a trap, it always was and always is- but that's it, it was made for fools like me.

I don't quite know what I'm saying here except that I'm saying it alright. I need to stop running. You need to stop holding yourself back. For once, we need to let go. I know you're not much of a risk taker. I know you like to call yourself, a safe player. But it will so be worth crossing every line that you cross. 

That's the thing about boundaries. You can either spend your life making them, or crossing them. I'm ready to cross all the lines I made, ready to climb over all the walls I built around me, ready to fall from the highest mountain; but the thing is, are you ready to catch me?