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Saturday, February 12, 2011


There are the ones that possess you, and the ones which have been in you all along. I wonder which is it we should be more scared of. the ones we have no control over or the one which dwells in us, forever, an imprint of us. The ones which exist in our minds or the ones which actually, physically exist in this society whom we're all impervious and blind to. I am extremely scared of the demons within me; the ones which haunt me and don't let me sleep. But I am so much more scared of the ones walking by us, on this walk of life. So scared of the demon among each and everyone of us. Not the one which makes us insecure or possessive or scared. The one which kills and molests and rapes and steals and stabs. How do you tell one from another? When does one's own fear changes to fury or rage and turns to blinding hate. How do you fight the demons from your past? How do you fight the demons of your present - the ones that refuse to let go of you; the ones that make it imperative for you to think that you're all alone in this world. I want my demons to go away now.
Help me get an exorcism, anyone?

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