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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just another date.

I want you to be my valentine in ways I cannot say,
In infinite and eternity
In nights and days,
Rewind the clock; and
Make it stay.

In dreams and shadows,
of drives and songs,
of hands which slightly brushed
and hands we held,
to hands we refused to let go.

In late nights and early mornings,
of sleeptalking and moonwalking,
come back,
and sing to me.
Oh, please sing to me.

I crossed today; off
the calender
it's just another day,
just another date,
that went by,
without you.


  1. i really liked how these two lines were broken up:
    "I crossed today; off
    the calender"

    everything else seemed to end at the line break,
    but these were cut short in such a perfect way.

    beautiful ;-)