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Friday, February 18, 2011

Another failed surgery.

She hit the light. It was 3 a.m. and it was high time she got some sleep. Cigarette after cigarette was getting her nowhere. She had a full day tomorrow and today's outcome could have no bearing on what tomorrow held in store for her.


She switched on the light again and picked up a book. She'd been reading this one for quite some time now, less because of it's length and more because of her hectic schedule.


The book was finally starting to gather some pace. Two coffees down and a couple of cigarettes later, sleep had still not blessed her eyes. Her eyes darted to the guy beside her she loved and wanted to spend her life with. If only she could find the words. She thought she'd write them down instead.


And a million torn pages later, she had still not been able to conjure the words to tell him how much she wanted him. Not just for right now, but forever. How did you know just 5,616,000 seconds after being with someone that this was who you wanted? And how did you know if they wanted you back, for even one day, leave apart a lifetime?


The alarm would go off any second now. She switched off the light once more and pulled the covers up till her chin. She didn't even need to close her eyes.


Buzzz. He hit the alarm and snuggled up close to her.
"'Morning", he mumbled.
"Slept well?", he added.

She said, yeah as a tear quietly slid off her eye. He noticed neither the tear, nor the lie.

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