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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is becoming it, and I wish it wasn't.

You know how sometimes there are certain songs which, as they envelop you in their melody and lyrics, transport you into a whole new realm where everything feels different... tangible and fragile, where even a soft whisper is the clearest sound you've heard, and when the faintest color is the brightest you've ever seen? As much as I love music, this isn't about that, no. It's about you, again.

You're that clear blue sky of mine which I don't want the rain to kill. You're that dew drop in the morning on which I don' want to step. You're that first shower of the fall and the last ray of sun in the cold. You're that exact shade of red maple leaves which even when they're downtrodden on the road, make it so beautiful. You're the moody painter that is snappy and mean but when he sets down to it, pains a masterpiece with every stroke. You're the joy of a toddler's first steps. You're the pride of a child's first words. You're the cool breeze one feels after they've walked and walked and walked to the top of a hill and then look back to gaze at the view the breeze mildly blowing them away. 

You're the breeze and the view.
But you're not just mine, you're someone else's too.


  1. Why oh why you leave me so spellboundby your musings.Here i presume that okay this might be it-the kind of last of the lot and there you come back again with another bouncer forcing me to leave the stumps and duck to avoid being hit on my heart and soul-yes thats what you do to me-numb and dumb,motionless and speechless,staring askance in the space.And the best part of it all is that its frequency is increasing-from a fortnightly magazine its come down to a daily headline.Being my flesh and blood i'm naturally going to feel mighty proud about it but what about the rest of the masses,the lesser mortals-give them a chance too baby,else their belief in their own existence will cease.
    On their behalf I plead your HH not to get so eloquent and frequent with your words-it gives us all so much of COMPLEX. LOL.

  2. I shall suffice by saying I love you :D
    and I look forward to your comments, each and every one of them.