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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lazy mornings.

There's this thing about the sun, when it hasn't quite risen. It's heat and glare doesn't make you hate it then. It's calm and comforting somewhat. When you look at it from under your covers, it tempts you somewhat, to rise up to a new morning. But experience has taught you better.You know it's just another day of drudgery and endless work. You know the comfort will change to pain that makes every inch of your body ache. So you stay in bed a little longer, to put it off. 

The alarm is snoozed when it dares to ring.
The morning coffee turns cold.

And still, you don't want to get out just yet. Maybe if you stay in bed long enough, the insecurities and the world will just fade away. One at a time. Maybe the nightmares won't seem so real, and the distance kill so much.

Maybe, just maybe you'll stop thinking about him. Because you know it's not good. 
It's tearing at your insides and killing you, bit by bit by bit.
That's when you get out of bed, and term it another lazy morning.

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