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Friday, October 29, 2010


Life used to be perfect.
And then we grew up.

Does anybody realize how fucked up that is? this whole process where we go from being kids to adults? The worst bit being, how over-hyped it is and how when you get there, the view is not even worth the climb. I get the fact that we wanted to outgrow the toddler years but honestly, teens were the best. Adolescence aroused the rebel in us where we thought we could change the world when in reality we couldn't exactly do shit except piss off our parents. We were fed, cared for, loved and still carefree. We weren't incharge and hence we could fuck up and the worst thing we got was a shouting (since my parents could never really ground me for more than twelve hours in effect). Ah, life was perfect.

Then we turned eighteen and life just took a complete hundred and eighty degree turn. Boom. You can drink, smoke, marry and have sex (well, almost all of this). And as much of a privilege all of this is supposed to be, it really isn't. Because this time when we fuck up, there is no going back. Now is the time we're all making something of ourselves, finally doing something with out lives and we can't afford to mess it up because it's our lives on the line. This is not just an exam we can reappear for, or a tuition we can bunk and get away with. This is it. Life. All of it. We'll either make it or break it. No third road.

We're away from our safety nets, away from home. We manage everything, trivial and otherwise. From cooking to cleaning to washing to sweeping to mopping to studying to rehearsing to writing to assignments to managing to  finances to security, you name it, you do it. You can't just take a rain check on work anymore because nobody else is going to do it for you. It's just going to keep piling up until the pile crashes. On our fucking shoulders.

There are no maids to clean up behind us or make our beds. There is no ramu kaka to run errands. There's no dad's assistant to send you last minute print outs and there definitely is no mom or dad to help you finish your last minute report. You're on your own baby.

When did that happen? And how do you make it stop?

That's the downside mate. It's not going to stop. It's a one side freeway and once you're on it, there's no going back. Reminisce about the past because that's what it is now.. the past, the by-gone. We've kicked out of our nests.

Now all we have to do is learn how to fly.


  1. you could change the world i dont know if writing you is creepy or not but your cool so i could say you could change the world, the problem with changing the world is that the whole of the world either doesnt want to lose the shit they got or the ones who have nothing have not the means to do so, so i'll set it on fire and let their conscience burn until they see they to are on fire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fiiiiiirrreeee fiiirrreeee, always have been.......... peace