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Friday, October 8, 2010


It's all a mistake? Too big a risk to take? Well then I'm taking it anyway. I'm crossing over. The edge, the line, whatever you want to call it. Because it's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than stare at the fucking line all my life. I am putting myself in the unsafe zone once more. I'm giving you a part of me, to keep forever or maim or break or love. I'm believing you. I'm believing in you. I know it's stupid and insane and it's going to fuck me up in more ways than I can count. But I can't hold myself back any longer, that's just not me. I'm seeing only the good in you. I'm seeing you everywhere. I find myself wanting to see you everywhere. I'm falling for you.

Catch me baby, don't let me fall.

I am a shade of crazy. We could be a shade of crazy.

I am gambling on my life again. And my bet's on you baby, all my bets are on you this time.


  1. Wow. Not to sound stalker-ish, but I love the way you write.

    "I am a shade of crazy. We could be a shade of crazy.

    Favourite line.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
    And don't worry, I am BIG stalker when it comes to reading blogs.