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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shapes and sizes.

if I were to fall under one, now it would most likely be round :P
but I want to know the shape and size of happiness. like can it be a 5'10" overweight, once toned gigantic boy who pisses me off all day and yet makes me smile?
can it be a 5'1" very skinny girl who is like family in an oddly accurate way?
most of all, can it be a 5'8" slender, not too lean and not too muscular, boy? the one whose arms over you don't crush you but they're not non-existent either, you feel their grasp and the protection they bring.the one whose body presses against yours and just the pressure makes it all warm and fuzzy and nice. just the voice makes you dreamy and the words make you sing nonchalant melodies in your brain while they flow on impeccably.

can it be this boy? or am I being fooled by one of God's sadistic jokes all over again?

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