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Sunday, September 12, 2010


You did it again, didn't you? Proved to me exactly why everyone is right when they tell me I'm a fool? Slapped me in the face with your words. Let me down, just like the rest. I can't even say I'm surprised anymore. I should learn to lose faith in humanity, one person at a time.

It was uncalled for, your behavior. Better yet, I didn't deserve it. Neither the bitter word nor the wrath.

Is chivalry really dead?
Like where are those polite gentle men these days who pull the chair for the girl? Because all I see are ones who freely abuse girls in our mother tongue and with pride, let her walk alone in the night and don't offer the jacket when she's cold. I know this is all old school, but do you know how nice that makes a girl feel? How her heart jumps and skips a beat when the guy does just something thoughtful? You don't have to give her the world. Hell, you don't need to. You are her world. But it would be nice to stumble upon a good guy every once in a while. It's been too long between jackasses.

I like it when my friend pushes away the bulkier guy away from me on the dance floor. I notice it when he pulls me away from harm's way. I appreciate him keeping track of how much I've drunk and when I should stop. I loved it when my boyfriend held my hand in public or just rested it on my leg; let me keep my head on his shoulder or slow danced with me without a care in the world as to who was watching.

These guys exist.
Somewhere, they do.
I know a few friends who do all the above for me and if they're reading this, they'll know how much it means to me. I'm waiting for the boyfriend part to fall into place.

And I'm hoping that you know how much you disappoint me everytime you do none of the above. You break me. You have that power as of now but you know it wouldn't last long right? It never does.

One day you'll reach deeper in your pocket and as you try to pull me out, you'll gradually realize, there's nothing left to pull.. I drifted away on my own.. dissolved..

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