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Thursday, September 30, 2010

And over a packet of maggie masala, we became sisters.

It wasn't exceptional, no
and yet it was no ordinary day.
I don't remember it clearly
time has faded memories, which
I so wanted to stay distinct in my thoughts,

we weren't fragile then,
our innocence hadn't been scarred,
the tears were few and far spaced out
and it was laughter that joined us,
not misery.

we didn't know the past,
nor cared about the future
with half learnt lyrics and tuneless voices
our songs were complete,
our world was complete.

boys hadn't broken us,
life hadn't been a bitch just yet,
mufflers made up our winters
and summers were made of
a packet of chips and a thumbs-up.

rhymes were intact,
worlds weren't destroyed by distance
and your smile shone
our smiles shone so bright
under the bright blue sky.

the sky is still blue,
but something has faded.
died inside.
we're the same maybe,
maybe we always will be,
but the fading memories and the blurring photographs will never be enough.

there's so much I want to say to you,
I wish I had the words
they say I can write.
then why can't I write my bleeding heart's melody
for you to trace?

neon colours
will always shine bright.
and in those colours,
in that ring that hangs around my neck,
you'll always be with me.

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