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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Original Sound Track - Aisha

Music has the power to heal. It has the ability to fuse people worldwide.. instigate certain feelings.. induce emotions.. make you connect to yourself.. it makes you feel what you've been yearning to feel but just didn't know it quite until that precise moment when that beat struck against your eardrums.

I've felt this after really long, I felt it last with the album by One Republic - Waking Up. It had been a sort of awakening for me, every time I played that album. But I linked that to a certain person, attached certain memories with that music and soon, the beauty was lost.

I am used to having memories with every song on my playlist. Everything reminds me of something. But at times I don't want to be reminded. And so it's nice to stumble upon something new, something fresh.. something which leaves the option of making new memories, open.

The soundtrack of Aisha did that for me, after a long time. The words spoke to me, and me alone. A chorus that none other could quite capture. Softly, silently, bringing nothing but a whiff of peace, just before dissolving into a completely novel tune.

My favorite would be Lehrein undoubtedly. From the first instant, there was something about that song that pulled me in. I would dedicate it to anyone reading this.. that song puts into words what I feel.. the music would be the theme of my life.

This last bit is for you Priyamvada;
I find solace in this music. This music doesn't hurt or sting like the rest, because I'm not haunted by your thought when I hear this. Thank you, for not taking this away from me too.

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