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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls' night out :D

Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to be a boy. I mean, admit it. They have cooler lives, they are more chilled out beings. They make better friends, they're less judgmental or so they pretend, and they know how to live life without attention hang-ups and ego issues.

But the amount of fun you have on a girls' night is well, unparalleled. It's a class apart. You don't get that sort of happiness by hanging out in a group or in a quiet candlelight dinner with your boyfriend. No undermining intended but a girls night is well, a girls' night.

There's spilled alcohol, uncontrolled giggling, side glances, uninhibited dance, madness on the table and on the floor, laughter, tripping, flipping, gossip and so much more. Every night has it's own story and not until you've had a girls night, do you realize how much you'd needed it.

frankly, you need space. we all do. This ultra cool species called "guys" tend to mess up our lives a bit. They take up space, and with it they take a part of our identity too. willingly or unwillingly, the girl does always give in to a guy's whims and fancies. mostly it's out of love, or affection between two friends, or care. we give in gladly, we give in reluctantly, but we do give in. they change us more than we'll ever be able to change them. for the better, or for the worse, at times you miss the old you. and with your girls, that's the you, you get to be.

I've had a lot of girls' nights, advantage of having been from a girls' school. we've had confessions and truth-and-dares and "I-have" games and explicit narration of our intimate moments and so much more. we've had advice-giving and opinion-taking sessions.

but what I like best about girls' night is, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. breaking down this metaphor, it's an unsaid rule always that whatever happens that night, stays within girls. there may not even be any dirty secrets, but it's just this thing, probably the reason why guys have always been enamored by our exclusive night-outs.

In short, if you've had a crappy day, all you need is a girlfriend and a bottle of tequila and some music and it's all going to go away. Boys complicate things, lives. Girls make it so much simpler, easier.

Oh and if you need tips as to which girl to have the perfect night out with, a certain Shail Jalan would be your best choice. no one quite matches up to her energy level, her warmth, her carefree attitude, her capacity ;D and her ability to make the smallest of things change to the best moments you'll ever have. I'm glad that all my girls' night outs are going to be with her, for the next four years atleast. and hopefully even after, right Yang?

Cheers baby, to us, the night we had and the many more to come!


  1. I have to think what to write like the way I had to on your letter.
    This one is my favourite post, not because of the mention and the wonderful description ( I am not SOOO Cool now!), but because it was really a wonderful night and I am glad too that Merydeth and Yang have there own little thing and nobody else, even Abhinav will get to know about our little thing.
    I love you!

  2. Shailu, thank you love! yes I know Meredith and Yang will always be incomprehensible by the rest of the world. and next time, post a comment from your id? LOL.