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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's erase the lines tonight.

why must everything be defined? why not let some things be a blur? why must we set rules, define everything? why must everything be put under a category or a tag or absolutely anything at all? why can't it just be well, what it is. without the need to be put into words.

why must we act according to the society and it's norms always? why is the guy a stud and the girl a whore? why can't we let things be and just do what the heart wants. isn't that what we've always read about? go after what you really want, not what others want.

does it all break down to the chase? is man never really satisfied? with anything he has? so he chases more, always. but then once the chase is over, would he feel the monotony again. I wish this chase never ends.

it's always had a zing about it, a certain something that no other month had. it still does. it makes me dizzy and trippy and happy. but July ends. a little too soon always. make it stop. make this stop, for a bit longer at least. I don't want to let go, just yet.

the night.
it's my favorite part of the day. always has been. but with you by my side, it has a certain magic. it's beyond definition, it's spontaneous, it's a chase, it's just about everything I love. so should we break the rules baby? let's make the lines seem like a spot on the horizon. Hold on to me, and don't let go. Just for the night, I want to be in every breath you take and I want to know that my skin makes you cry; Like your friends don't matter, like mine don't exist. Let's spend tonight in our little haven, making love and talking. We can talk about whatever you want, anything! I can drive you insane and keep you guessing later, but let's give each other this one night.

the ends.
they're abrupt. and they're sad. and I hate them. but it's the ends which make way for new beginnings. they're what set things apart. they're actually what makes tomorrow what it is. and sooner than you realize, it is a new memory which you don't want should end.

that's what makes your face come alive. that's what makes your face what it is. that's what makes you charming. oh the smile, that's what is infectious. and addictive. the question is, am I an addict?

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