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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Close your eyes."
"Just close them."
"But why?"
"Stop killing the moment?"
"Stop keeping me in the dark."
"Okay. Now what?"
"Recall your happiest memory. Imagine it down to the tiniest detail. Don't leave out anything."

Closed my eyes and did just that. Painted that image. Eager to share it with you, I blinked to reality. But you'd gone. Only a note remained.
"I wish you the best life ahead. I could never make you truly happy. Don't come looking for me. You're better off without me. Move on."

My happiest memory was with you. If only you had stayed and listened.. If only you had dreamt this dream with me..


  1. Move on. Easier said than done.
    Some people are like unfinished novels; always there in your bookshelf, dusted regularly. But we'll never pick them up again. We can't. We don't have the heart.

  2. Oh, that I have.
    It's just we were friends for years before and sometimes, somethings just bring up the past. Sometimes I over think and bring it up upon myself.

  3. That is so much better than ' I am over you '