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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


She went running, for she loved to run. She started running at an early age and she would run fast and far, always. Her breath had started failing her now but her steps never did. She would stumble in her routine life but when she ran, there was not a more soothing sight. The feet fell into place always, the hands were unnecessary, the hair that she wasn't fond of would be tied back and only fresh air would touch her face. 

And so she ran, away and beyond or towards, she knew not. She ran as far as her feet would take her and then grudgingly walked back for even she grew tired and her body loved to not do her bidding. 

Splashes of water on her face, a long sip to quench her thirst and she made way for her bed. Fumbled a bit in the dark, her elegance lost now and climbed under covers to ignore what lay ahead; she couldn't be less bothered. All days fused into one as she found means to keep herself entertained in the land of the dead.

A hand reached out from behind her and she turned over, alarmed, more than anything else. But even in the dark, her skin knew his touch and his breath. Had she fallen asleep long enough to dream? She wanted to drown him with a million questions but he beat her to it; he drowned her with a kiss. He whispered so softly in her ear that she might not have heard him at all, but she did, "I've been waiting for you for so long.."

As his voice faded off, she lay there thinking and speaking to his ghost. 
"I'm waiting too baby, I'm waiting too."

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