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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy one month?

Someone once told me, never expect anything from anyone. And this was a warning repeated to me once too often. But I am of a stubborn make, I don't listen easy. My only rule in life is perhaps, to make exceptions to these rules. Hence, I made not one, but one too many exceptions to this one too.

They came, they hurt, they left.
But no, this is not when I gave up, nope.
I continued to tread on this path which I was sure led somewhere. I was certain to find that one person who would prove the world wrong, and me right. And the best part is I thought I had finally found him.

I spent an entire day planning tonight and tomorrow.
Every second of fourteenth was important to me, I wanted it to play out just as I'd imagined it. I ensured no roadblocks came my way. But when your life is a fucking roadblock, then all you get are dead ends.

I landed at another one tonight.
I'll always remember this, and how you killed it, first by walking away from it way too soon, before it even happened actually and then caring too less to even bother enough to make it slightly special for us, if not for me.
I miss the boy I fell in love with.
Because what you make me feel right now is just pure pain, hurt and of course, the warmth of my own tears.


  1. i saw a movie that said i hope you get your heart broken many times, because that means you loved many times, another movie said that the Greeks only asked one question when a person died, "did they live with passion"

  2. I love the lines you just typed above. Might use them some day. Thanks.