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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is life, this truly is life.
When you wake up to skyscrapers and can take walks at three in the morning and see the city alive and awake around you.
When you party from midnight to ten in the morning straight and still think you want more.
When everything is always alive and happening and makes you trippy and high on happiness.
You tend to flow into the beat of the city, the rhythm that it brings. It's exhilarating and everything you always wanted your college to be like. You walk into clubs and you feel you're in a hollywood set for once with alcohol spilling all around, people who're grooving to music that you love but could never find playing anywhere, the lights are well, just how you like them and the people you see there are just that - people. No stories, no histories. You could make out with them and not give a shit; they could buy you a drink and make you feel worth the effort of dressing up or you could push them away if you don't want to dance next to them. You're a nobody and they're nobodies and still you all fuse into each other and blend together, and create something that makes a night, just a night, nothing more, nothing less.

That's life. Fast and on a constant high and the background score is rock not trance.
Nothing's stagnant, or boring or stale.
Damn, I should transfer.

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