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Monday, November 1, 2010

Him and her.

He called, ecstatic. 
Something he’d been working for had finally taken some sort of shape, and there was a good chance of his dream being fulfilled; of him getting it. 
She jumped at the news. 
Almost at once she made plans. This was special.
He seemed reluctant, she insisted. 
He had his friends cheering and calling him in the background, he said a hurried affirmative and hung up. 

She took a special bubble bath and put on the dress she’d been saving for her birthday.His success was more important. It had been a while since they had gone out or even spent quality time alone with each other; he had just been too caught up. Today they’d make up for all the lost time. 

She smiled, it was HER treat. 

She applied mascara and kohl, just the way he likes it. He doesn't like anything else on her face except that. She even wore his favourite perfume. Tonight had to be perfect. 

She lay out the table. 
Glasses, cutlery, the special silver-ware. 
A bottle of champagne. 
She ordered food from this expensive place and made them make a special dish to celebrate the occasion, it was also a favourite of his. It's funny how suddenly all her life's choices were about him. earlier she would never think of anybody else while making decisions but she liked to make him smile, she liked to show that she knew him through and through. 

She put on 'their' song on the music player and lit the candles. 
And waited. 

She waited some more. 
She  didn’t want to nag. 
She was sure he were putting on his special cologne, picking out some shirt that made him even more irresistible  and bringing dessert, hopefully chocolate-chip ice-cream. 

Then she waited some more. 

When she finally called, he took a while in picking up the phone. 
She was certain he was driving. 
When he picked up, she casually asked, “How much longer will you make me wait baby?” 

“But I’m not coming.” 
“But.. but.. I ordered food and everything.” 
“I told you not to, I can’t make it.” 
As she heard voices in the background, voices which stole him from her and voices to whom he actually belonged, she mumbled something and hung up, knowing it would be stupid to expect a call back. 

She had a lot of candles to blow out. 


  1. Oh how heartbreaking & touching darling.So perfectly worded-not a comma extra not a syllable less.You touch that chord deep inside that brings a hint of a tear,stops just at the edge of eyelid,indecisive to hold back or fall.yeah thats how you stir the emotions inside.

  2. Your comments are better than the post Ma..