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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm going home!

Why did god give gap between our fingers?
So that someone special could fit theirs, in this space.
Then why did god give gap between our legs?

These lines have caused much laughter today. Mostly in my head so I doubt it counts. Which brings me to the essence of it all, happiness. The one in my head. I head home soon so maybe that's the cause of it all. The reason why every day seems to be passing me by at a leisurely pace and i don't seem to mind just whiling away my time since I know, the good times are here soon enough. I find myself enjoying my friend play NFS all day. Hell, I don't even mind looking at my friend read her ebook. This is life. Contentment in places you never thought you'd find it.

A boy is unnecessary for this state of bliss, though it does help matters a little, very little. For that I have friends back home who more than make up for it. And I have a few here who know just what to say or do to make my problems fade away.

Alcohol is also not a happiness determining factor though it is a joy bringing experience. If you can understand the paradox here and still relate to it then you are truly, my friend ;D

Music ofcourse can cause both elation and misery but now that I am going home the tunes bring me profound happiness rather than the usual despair that they caused all through the year. Also, someone recently sent me a bunch of songs which have quite a nice rhythm to them. My favorite ofcourse is an oldie from my mother's collection - Rum and Coca cola.

I am also sort of in the middle of that phase when you're over someone like not the real them but the idea of them which you were making yourself believe. That's actually the point when you realize that the moving on bit wouldn't be as tough as you first thought it would. And inevitably, there is someone else in the picture.

Any guesses?
To avoid controversies, or maybe to spring up the most vivid of them all this winter, I'm going home. :D

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