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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High School on steroids.

I read this line somewhere and I like how it sums up college in just one line, just like that. It's very difficult to do that sort of shit. Like when I came to grade six English was all about writing elaborate answers and giving all the minute details, which I liked by the way, since Bhai always says God lies in the details. But the switch was made soon enough and literature my friend, was made brief and concise. I was told it doesn't take much to drone on and on for a page to write a character sketch. It's doing it short and snappy that requires actual skill.

For me personally that's been quite a challenge. Words don't come to me in rationed packages. They come free-flowing, never stopping so it's tough to put a period mark anywhere really. Hence I remain in semi-awe of people who have the ability to do this. And nobody's summed up college better.

I pretty much hated high school, it was a bitch. The popular groups, the cliched in circle, the obsessive need to be surrounded by friends all the time, things like that. How being a loner was uncool and your worth was judged by the number of 'friends' you made on facebook. I should get back to that someday, by the way, this whole concept of friends on social networking sites. But for now, let's stick to high school, or actually college.

College is like someone snorted a whole lot of cocaine, the instant rush is exhilarating, maybe eventually even addictive but it leaves your body hollow. You're supposed to leave everything behind and make new friends. Trust people once you're old enough to know better than fall for their crappy lies and fake smiles. After college, you can't go back to parental supervision. You get used to your own space and freedom but at times you just want to scream at the walls and tear apart the sky in itself. You want the silence to not take up every inch of your existence. You want to let loose and expect people to you know, just get you, like they did back home.

But that's the thing. College will never be home. It'll be a shit load of work and fun eventually but it will never be home. They've always spoken of the friends you make in college, but do you really? Because I think all my good friends were made way back and they're the ones who know me and always will. People here are running around just as scared as me it seems, and even more oblivious about each other's existence. It's like we're all in our own pseudo spheres of self calm which can break at any second.

College is just high school with more expensive books. (Quote: Gossip Girl, my apologies but college has bored me enough to become regular with that show). The whole damn world is just as obsessed with whose the best dressed and whose having sex. (Quote: Bowling for Soup). I guess everyone always is more interested in what's going on with someone else's life. Maybe the lack of spice in their own makes them such gossip addicts. Whatever it is, it doesn't change in college. Just gets blown up to a 70 mm screen except that there are so many movies of so many people that you don't really know which one to watch.

Also once you're grown up, at least almost there, you find it harder to let the pretense lose and just be you, especially in a world where everyone is trying to make you be someone else. You're judged on your taste in music, your choice of movies, your smoking and drinking habits, your clothes, your English, every thing is put to a test under every human microscope which has a different way of analyzing it. I do it too, so can't blame you all.

However what you need to remember through all of this is, you got through high school, alive (barely, some of us) but you did. And you will get through college. And these days, the ones right here that we're living right now, will be missed just as much as the ones we lived back then, though I know at times that seems highly unlikely.

School was a bitch,
College is a whore.

But here's to my college anyway which may be crappy and sucky and a pain in the ass but it's still managed to give me friends which will last me a lifetime, an unconditional and unexplainable love for the number three and experiences which will last longer than I do.

PS: Dedicated to all the people who made these ten months here bearable. I hope things are like they used to be when I come back because they've become slightly messed up right now. I don't know if it's me or you or us but whatever it is, I think all we need is space and you'll miss me just as much as I'll miss you.


  1. Cool, crisp and candid-the words pierce through you in an unusual way-the observations of every stage hit the bull's eye.I loved this piece as much as I did the previous ones.Good going there.

  2. Thanks yet again. I think you're the only one who seems to follow me religiously and get every syllable of mine as I intend it to be understood.
    Oh I love you so much.