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Monday, May 28, 2012

28th Blues.

"But you're sure she loves you?"
"More than anything."
"And you believe that he loves you also?"
"More than I believe myself."
"Then telling me why shouldn't be that difficult."

She sat there in silence. She'd open her mouth to speak but the words wouldn't form. She'd asked them for help too because she knew her capacities and this wasn't covered under but neither had had the time to oblige. So she sat there and stared at the wall across her. She knew even this one by heart now. The exact shade, the cracks, the lines.

"Okay give me a reason for your blind confidence then?"
"She still hasn't left..."
"And he?"
"He.. His heart beats faster when he sees me or when we touch or when we're together."
"So they must see something. Why don't you see what - there has to be one thing that you can point to."

She looks to her hands. 'You have pretty decent hands.' She likes them. She uses them to remove the hair from her face. 'Atleast they're not like hagrid dude.' She likes her hair somewhat too. My.. She starts to speaks, they like my.. They love me because.. But the tears well up a little too fast. She closes her eyes. Her eyes. 'Don't ever cry for me.' 'I can't see tears in your eyes.'

"Let's stop here today. You need to find me an answer. The letter you promised, a quote, a poem, a song. Get me something. Get me a reason."

There isn't any, she whispers to herself but nods anyway.

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