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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dead Ends.

I begged for someone to take me to him. Nobody did.

I didn't want much from the night. Just for it to end in his arms. Just to feel safe, once more, no matter what the price. I paid it in blood and bruises but I still didn't get the one thing I wanted. I'm awake now - barely three hours from when I finally shut my eyes because I was told I could go see him in the morning. Where do I go now ?

All night people kept fighting me 'for me' they said. But there is no me that's against HIM. Don't they get that ? And there's no him for me anymore... I fought all night for a glimpse of the face which never fought for me. I would travel half a world for that face. And so I kept screaming and yelling. When that ended, I pleaded to be taken to him. But my pleas were always meant to be discarded at the whims of those who love me most.

So I fought all night.
Why didn't you fight for me ?

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  1. .

    you once asked:

    "How do you know when to let go?"

    My Answer is: "you NEVER 'let go'... however, one should Always 'let be'.

    - M