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Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Why'd you stop dreaming?', the little girl asked.
'Dreams are for fools', she retorted.
'But.. You used to love dreaming. You had so many of them. You were so sure.'
'Yes. And then I saw them all burn to dust. It's easier to not wish for anything, then there isn't anything you've lost out on. Hope is a bitch, waiting is a bitch and love, love is the biggest bitch of them all. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only fooling you. Don't fall for it. Pop the bubble. Shut yourself up. Don't let anyone in. Grow up.'
'But.. I am a part of you. Won't me growing up mean you killing me?'
'Maybe it's time I do kill you then. Maybe this is the murder I am destined to commit according to the lines in my hands. The little girl inside me.'
'Don't kill me.. Please I beg you, I want to live, I want to see another day. I want to wait and watch my dreams come true.'
'I don't want you to anymore. And trust me, you won't be missed me. Neither by me, nor the world. You're the weakest part of me, you need to go if I ever want to move forward.'
'Let's not move forward then? Let's just stay here. In your paused world?'
'That doesn't exist. Nothing I believe in ever existed. My foundation was laid on shaky grounds. It was bound to fall down.'

When it all falls down, you have nothing left to do but build it all up again from scratch for a tomorrow or drown out slowly in the ruins and remains of your yesterdays. No question really what I'll do. It's what I do best afterall.

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