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Friday, October 14, 2011

Open letter to MY tiwari boy :P

'So you lost your trust and you never should have..
But don't break your back if you ever see this, but don't answer that..
In a bullet-proof vest, with the windows all closed,
I'll be doing my best, I'll see you soon. In a telescope lens, when all you want is friends,
I'll see you soon.'

As I opened my blog to write, this is the song that played baby. And as always, the same complaint, it doesn't last long enough. It's too short. That's the only problem we have with this song know? But that's pretty much what defines fourteenth for us. Something 'magical' as you said repeatedly, something crazy, something that definitely didn't last long enough.

Our story will always be one straight out of a novel or a movie. And if I was the one reading or watching, I'd be the most sceptical human, tch-ing my head and being all critical with my 'dude, does this ever happen in real life?'

But I'm not. I'm the character who played a part so I know it's precisely that. Something extraordinary and unbelievable. You don't just sit in a room full of strangers, losers and douches and then look right beside you to find your soulmate. You don't fall in love with someone over the first song you play them. They don't just melt down to their core as they tell you it's been their favourite song always.

But we did.
in that noisy, dark room, all I heard was your words and all you saw were my eyes. The crowd faded away as you asked me for that dance that I was supposed to teach you and then led me instead. People walked out as you held me and there was nothing I could do to resist it, and trust me I tried. It was involuntary really, when my feet found the tips of your toes and stood on them just to be a little closer. It was exhilarating when you pulled me closer still, and whispered the whole song to me in my ear.

The song, ended too soon. And I literally had to run away from you and place myself on a bean bag because my balancing had gone all awry and I needed to bring my head back from where you'd taken it. You didn't back down, played another song and came to sit right next to me on that shapeless mass of brown which somehow seemed perfect to seat two suddenly.

There were diversions, distractions and defences in our way, more due to me than you but somehow they lost all meaning. I learnt all about you in a night and I could see you for the real you and not the person everyone had made you out to be.

The night, ended too soon. I walked away from you not knowing that every step now would just bring me closer to our undeniable chemistry. A night, actually a song is all it took, and boy you know your music well ;)
Everytime I wanted to run, you said run and come to me. Everytime I stumbled, you held me and taught me how to walk straight and walk out again. And everytime you saw the slightest hint of a tear in my eye, you reminded me I don't cry, I don't break for anyone in the world. Besides an incomparable love, I would've lost me if I hadn't met you.

It's been six months today baby, six whole months since you stole me away. The first time I saw you, you did me this way, what can I say? You literally had me at hello Tiwari :P

And now it just seems to have ended too soon, all of it. Our few days (hours?) together which we spent fighting the inevitable and falling short always; the days we spent crossing bridges; the nights we spent talking for there was so much to be told, or in complete silence for though there was so much to be spoken, words failed us to define it just then.

I just want you to know that whenever it finally ends, it'll end too soon. No measure of time with you will be long enough. I will never have enough of you, or us, or this.

I love you my baby.
Thank you for the most magical start to an epic story. For just knowing I was the one. For being my scientist, the one with whom I collide and for making me your delilah.
And those three will always be OUR songs and not of the many cheesy couples who can only try to understand what they mean without really ever having a clue.

Thinking of you and missing you and cursing this distance more everyday,
Your superwoman.

Ps. Muaaaaaaaaah*

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