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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chammak challo :D

Okay, okay I know it's a retard of a song. And I should hate it, regret with all my heart that my favourite guy from the Indian Film Industry is letting me down in such a major way. But no, I like the track. It's just so.. India on alcohol. India with friends. India with YOU.

The very first time I heard this track I knew we'd been dancing to it some day. Because that's how it is. That's how desi girl happened. That's how even Sheila happened across all this distance.. I heard that track and I knew in that instant that we would so dance to it. And now this baby. Snigdha's the reason I listened to this song, repeatedly and now I know that this song will make up a lot of afternoons in my living room and lot of taboo games in my bedroom :D

I'd written a note once long back which said that some songs always trace back to your past and somehow now even new ones remind me of the beats we've shared. All of us. Some of us got lost as these songs played out.. We were in it together, for life but we couldn't plan all our steps afterall. You, you'll never read it and you'll never know, we danced to ishq kameena, that's how long back we go and this silly song reminded me of you so much today I wanted to slap you, hard, and wake you up from this life of yours where a song also doesn't remind you of "us".

As for my desi girl, thankyou for ensuring that all songs always lead me to you and that I never hold myself back when it's us acting crazy together. Even if that means being disowned by a certain tiwari :P
I'll be your dancing partner in any random barat, in every movie theater, any where in the world, always.


  1. Chammak challo... Are u Akon worshiper or SRK believer??

    Nice post!!! I like song!! :P

  2. Heh, I'm a ShahRukh believer since I was three.