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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boys Part 2

To all you XY chromosomes,
You suck. Plain and simple. There are more adjectives to describe you. A hoard of them really but this pretty much sums it up. You are the most selfish species created on this planet and yes, I am counting ungrateful cats and unknown aliens in this. Don't even dare to ask me why, you know you do.
You'll put your happiness before anyone else's. Always. Actually fuck the other's altogether. It's your life, your plans, your scheme of things, your everything. If someone randomly doesn't fit into it, too bad for them. You anyway don't give a tiny rat's ass. Their headache. You'll blow it off.
And then you actually think you're the stronger of the two sexes? Really? We're not weak darling, we're selfless and giving. We love. We love you, for some unknown reason we do and we stick by it through thick and thin.
My best guyfriend also proved it to me today how in a boy's head, he just always comes first. We've just been raised that way I guess. To tolerate. We have the strength to actually. Unlike you. When things don't go your way, you ignore them or walk out completely, not that you don't do them even without the former condition but especially in it's presence, there is no question only.
And then you say you love me more? Hah. You don't. You can't.
I love you more as I drink in my anger. I love you more when I take the hurt and the pain. And I love you more when I hold back my tears. I love you more even when you hurt me, more still when you break me and even more (if that's possible) when you shatter my heart in a million tiny pieces.
You walk back into my life after two years wanting to be a friend and I take you back gladly because I once loved you. You come meet me one cold morning randomly and I share my cigarette with you like no time has passed for we once were electric. You walk out on years of friendship and I stand back and watch your web of lies and deceit because I still look beneath that surface, trying to find the person I once knew. You enter my world from nowhere, break my self-defence and promise me you'll treasure my smile and I believe you because you make me want to.
I'm not the dysfunctional link here. You are. All of you.
Stupid, stupid boys.
If there was a limited profile in real life, I'd put you all on it and then just live a life in peace because honestly I have had enough. Of you all, your fake promises and your insincerity.
I'm done here.
But I don't walk out.
I wait at the corner still, hoping you'll take notice and once, just this once make me happy instead.
You are my exception baby. So I'll wait. You're the last exception I made, so I will wait.

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