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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My world, my people.

Happy Diwali.

It was happy indeed and when I'm high on happiness I miss my world and this is just to let them all know that you were closer to me today than you've been in a long time. It's the hindu new year tomorrow hence it's time for new beginnings and new memories so let's make many more of those together, which we can look back on years from now and reminisce and cherish like I'm reminiscing today.

My family here, my family back home, and my friends who're practically family now.. I love you. In ways you can't imagine, in ways you can't break, in ways I always will. But then again, if you heard my voice tonight, you know that already, don't you?

Distance breaks apart wimps. We're made of stronger stuff, you and I.
And the two of you, who're with me, here in the darkest of times, you know we can make it shine brighter than a zillion fireflies combined, as long as we're together.
All my love to all of you.
For now and forever more.

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