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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You're the storm that I believe in.

"I'm an angel bored like hell,
And you're a devil meaning well.."

I've grown up. All of me. Like the tiny bit of me which wasn't cold inside and vulnerable to someone breaking and tearing me up, is gone. You helped me grow. But now that I have, I'm not sure I wanted to have grown up so much, so fast.

I love you.
I guess love truly means different things to different people. And now I'm edging closer to your definition of it because I guess that's the most love I've ever gotten anyway. Then why does it feel like I lose both ways?

I love you.
Enough to spend it waiting but you'd rather I live it. You'd rather we live it. Me? I'll just go with the flow.. Wherever it takes me this time.. I'll be blown away.. To you or from you remains to be decided..

I love you.
Shh. It seems excessive doesn't it?
It seems pointless baby.
It seems.. Too much, too soon.

But you're the storm that I believe in baby.. And with you I'd like to be blown away.. Burst into a thousand tiny fragments that dissolve into the nothingness of this universe as you hit them; blow into pieces and bits that even you can't gather and place together; spin and toss around with the velocity that forces you to revolve till eternity and a gravity so strong that you feel it all and yet, you feel nothing at all.

Because, I love you.

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