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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Need you now.

When you're writhing and tossing in pain and you'd give anything for it all to end, there's a moment, just one, when in the darkness of your closed eyes, flashes a face and suddenly you don't care about the pain anymore, all you care about is that person cause you somehow associate all your pain to end with his presence.

As if those arms would be the solution, his face the remedy, and a kiss on the forehead - a perfect cure. But this is just your deluded head playing games with you. The pain's peaked so much that all reason has left you and science doesn't seem to make sense anymore. So you live in an illusion, a dream if you will.

And you know what all my dreams are made of right? You do know whose arms I'd run into scared or unhappy? Who I'd share my incessant plans and dramatic stories with? I don't dream too well, rather I dream horribly but when I do dream, it's always about you, always about us and everything we ever were and always will be.

Because this distance can break me but when it does, know that I'm breaking for you. And being this far away, is the hardest thing life will ever make me do.

But then again, nobody said it was easy. From now, to an eternity, easy is one thing it'll never be because the only thing that'll ever be simple and easy is "us". We're just, souls structured from the same model and split apart at the very last nanosecond due to some unknown mystery. You're me and I'm you. And even when I don't say it, I do love you.

You continue living your life and I'll continue living mine, not wondering but knowing what it would be to be living this life together and dragging on in it without you, just the same. Because some day, one day, we'll be together. And this teeny tiny possibility of a tomorrow that might just be ours, all ours, gets me through the today that can't be.

And until I come back and complete your nights with my giggles, and excessive drinking and shared cigarettes over the balconies and terraces, I promise to be your goodmorning. I promise to be right here, every morning, where you leave me, waiting for you each night.

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