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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coming back to life.

Even if I tried, I could not have asked for more.

I'm starting in order and thanking you all so that some day far, far away I remember exactly who made my eighth what it was.

Shail Jalan, for waking me up to a beautiful birthday eve and then making it into an even more beautiful day and an epic night. You're too many things to me, at too many different levels and I cannot sum us up ever. You're like a mother and a sister and a friend and so much all at once. It's insane. But you defined us once and for all last night. You're my Yang. And we are a closed circle baby. We are fucking tight. Always will be. I know I whine and crib about this place a bit. Okay, a lot. :P but I'll never really regret coming here, ever. It gave me you.. In a way nobody else will ever have you. And that's somehow compensation enough. Cheers baby!

Abhinav Rastogi, for taking me out to a balcony of condom shaped balloons and making me laugh like you always do. You're my friend. My best guyfriend. That will always stay true, no matter how much time goes by. You're my dancing partner, you're my chatterbox, you're my smoking buddy, you're my person I talk to once fuck shit drunk, you're just something else man. We're something else. The world, most of it, will never get it. But then again, when did we ever care about the world? Thank you, for last night. We just proved yet again that as long as we're together, no matter what fucked up place we're in, we'll set it on fire.

Dad, you were my first call. I wanted you to be. You're my hero, and I love you. That says it all really. Thank you for going out of your way always to put a smile on my face. 

Mom, you're the reason for my existence and the reason I go on. My strength, my life. Thank you for making me, ME. It's all you baby. 

Priyamvada Rathore, I love you more than words can say. Thanks for being my best friend, my sister, my Rats. For the little things you do which never go unnoticed; for all the songs; for all the memories; for being just what I always need you to be. I'll never let you down. Don't ever let me go.

Anirudh Tiwari, my boyfriend. From the poem, from being my first letter, to the amaaazing call, to every tiny thing you did yesterday love. For being my soulmate. For making me believe in love at the first note..
love you, I swear to you, it's true. 

Adhiraj Singh Rathore, for that insanely long skype conversation and just random things in general. You're right dude. There are no two people on this planet like us. Heh. Except maybe my boyfriend. But then, you're open to threesomes right? :P

To everyone who called me.. The family.. the friends.. 
Everyone who changed their statuses for me or put up pictures with me..
EVERYONE who mailed me..

Thank you for making my eighth, everything that is always was and always will be. For ensuring it continues to be my favourite date in the world. 

For all the names mentioned above, 
For you all, a thousand times over.   

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