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Saturday, June 18, 2011

So, it's official.


And every step I take towards you leads me to my destiny.
Because in you, I find the reflection of what I'd always wanted but never had.


I'll always see you like nobody does or can or has.
Because you see me like that too.

And just like that, we stopped running away from us and the fate and everything in between. When you really want something, the whole conspires you to achieve it (quote: Paulo Coelho) but when the whole conspires to bring two people together, maybe that just means they're true soulmates.

We're meant to be baby. Or so you say. It took a while to realize that and accept it. Bits and pieces of me are still scared and running away, but you're keeping me together, pulling me back. Now there's nothing left to do really but let myself crash into you, once and for all. You'll either break and scatter me into a thousand tiny pieces.. or we'll come together and create something we've never experienced before. Something history's not seen before. I guess it's worth a shot. We're worth a shot.

Because well this way even if we go up in flames, we'll atleast know we burnt trying. 

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